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Every pet deserves to be celebrated and have their story told and be photographically immortalised.

A dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend, They recognise you, they miss you, they pine for you not just because you give them dinner but because they are a pack animal and therefore you are part of their family or the other way round either way they are a part of you. I believe they are the only animal other than humans who demonstrate true love and devotion.

At Phix-Pix  Pawtraits we provide a creative, professional and fun pet photography session that is completely tailored to you and your pets needs at an affordable and competitive price. We want you and your pet to enjoy your photo session as this helps us to capture your pets unique personality on camera, creating spectacular photos that you will treasure forever.

Our fun and relaxed photo sessions can be taken in our professional photo studio located in Southsea Dressing up is optional for both you and your pet we have an extensive Pooch wardrobe should you wish to dress your pampered pooch, or we can relocate to your favourite dog walk location, at home, on the beach, or even when your dog is working! But don’t think we only photograph cats and dogs, we can also work with your other pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles or even horses. We can also arrange a photo session with your family and your pets.

To honour this bond between man and canine Phix-Pix Paw-traits offer a photographic opportunity to capture man's best friends at their most adorable, playful, mischievous, lovable moments. Every Paw-trait is an artwork in itself - a beautiful, personal 'tail' of the love between a dog and their human – at Phix-Pix Studio's we offer a tailored photo session with stunning results for your four-legged friend .

Arthur Smith-Weston is an avid dog lover and experienced dog owner capable of connecting with even the most demanding pooch from Chiwawa to Great Dane.

Arthur playing with his Great Dane Jemma  1988

Phix-Pix was commissioned to produce  a life size cardboard cut out of

Penny so that Flat Penny could attend a wedding in South Africa. (Below Video)

Below is a video of what happened when Penny met

                                “Flat Penny”when Penny met Flat Penny.


On the right is Flat Penny in South Africa