Every pet deserves to be celebrated and have their story told and be photographically immortalised.

A dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend, They recognise you, they miss you, they pine for you not just because you give them dinner but because they are a pack animal and therefore you are part of their family or the other way round either way they are a part of you. I believe they are the only animal other than humans who demonstrate true love and devotion.


To honour this bond between man and canine Phix-Pix Paw-traits offer a photographic opportunity to capture man's best friends at their most adorable, playful, mischievous, lovable moments. Every Paw-trait is an artwork in itself - a beautiful, personal 'tail' of the love between a dog and their human – at Phix-Pix Studio's we offer a tailored photo session with stunning results for your four-legged friend whether in a costume of your choice or free running and playing in the Park. Arthur Smith-Weston LRPS is an avid dog lover and experienced dog owner capable of connecting with even the most demanding pooch from Chew wa wa to Great Dane.