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At Phix-Pix  we pride ourselves in our innovative Graphic design service. Practising the art of producing visual communication products to represent a variety of businesses identities.

As a qualified Artist, Photographer and Designer Phix-Pix can produce Typography, Photography, Illustration to produce visual communication with a variety of Design and Photographic programmes for Websites, Flyers, Business cards, Logo’s, Signage, Branding, and so much more.

Project adopt a dolly by Phix-Pix

Below is a montage of the graphics designed and provided by Phix-Pix including:

Logo and Baby design, Birthday cards, Adoption certificates,  Gift Vouchers, Png Photos of Dolls for online shop, Animated Gifs for website, Business cards, Flyers, I’ve seen Santa stickers, Colouring in competition, Shop sign and Window graphics, Web design and social media promotion.

Photo shoot of Stone sculptures for Marketing set with Stone header designed for website. By Phix- Pix

Examples of Business Cards, Flyers, Posters

Pop up Banners.By Phix- Pix

Some examples of logo and thumbnail  designs by.By Phix- Pix