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Photo Solutions
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Temporary Gallery

This comprehensive package includes capturing a series of natural and traditional images throughout your special day. 

Giving you the ability to pick and choose the elements that suit your needs, making the day extremely special for you to remember.  

Wedding Photography

These sessions usually last up to 30 minutes and will be for a very specific type of photograph, out door sessions are also available.Phix-Pix will supply you with a minimum of 50 images copyright free on a DVD .

Pet Photography

Starting from Just £50 you get up to an hour studio time to take as many pictures with a variety of backgrounds and Phix-Pix will supply you with a minimum of 50 images copyright free on a DVD .

Head Shots Studio Gallery Wedding

With the benefits of our Chroma key Studio Phix Pix can put you in any Picture turning your imagination into reality.

Chroma Key Studio Chroma Key Gallery

The quality photo will comply with regulations from which ever organisation you need your image for, wether for Uk, US, or EU Passports and Licences.

Call into the Phix-Pix Studio we will adjust  the lighting and background in our photo studio and will guide you through the process taking into consideration  all the points listed  on passport critereia.

Passport Photography Passport Photography

 I have taken damaged photographs, digitised them and then used advanced computer software to improve contrast, sharpness, and colour levels while eliminating flaws like scratches, damaged areas, and wrinkles. Take a look at the results in the Gallery.

Photo Image Restoration Image Restoration

We are proud to offer you our cine to DVD conversion making your treasured memories a present.This makes an excellent gift for that special anniversary where you can bring your memories back to life, share them with your friends and family either with a DVD or as an MPEG on the Internet via youtube.

Multi Media to Dvd Cine & Video to DVD

High definition range is one of those Marmite things, it does not always suit  the picture , but when it does it looks great, with any kind of post production it is easy to go to far, Have a look at what I have done and you decide.

High Dynamic Range

Business solutions Phix-Pix offers a variety of graphic design solutions from Album covers to business logos.We can arrange printing for uniforms,Vehicles, Shop Frontage and a variety of other printing solutions  solutions.

Graphic Design

We are proud to offer your business the opportunity to have your own bespoke website with a variety of linked services for the modest amount of £249.00, plus £10 a month for hosting and basic maintenance get two months free when you pay for a year in advance.

Web Design from £249 @rt-u-r Gallery

Welcome to Phix-Pix Web design solutions. We are passionate about web design and online marketing click on any of the laptops below to view our work.


Web Design

For more details about this amazing project and to see this article in full click here

Restoration project Restoration Project